Tapping into his fullest potential, Optimistic Gangsta is rising to the top as a leader in his city and an artist in the music industry.

Houston, Texas born poet, Orend Johnson Jr has taken his penmanship to another level, stepping into the world of music under the alias Optimistic Gangsta aka Optimistic G. The 21-year-old southern rapper placed his mind to the grind, building his fanbase and following over time. Now, he is known as the artist to develop and popularize the hip-hop/rap subgenre “Toxi-flow.” Different, intoxicating, captivating, Optimistic G brings a refreshing energy to the industry that no other artist can.

With his songwriting evolving, his music began spreading further outside his city, especially after his debut project, “The Goatseason” sent shockwaves across the industry. Denying his buzz the attention it deserved became impossible as his recognition shot through the roof with compliments. Optimistic G has taken his increased popularity to go even harder for his city, acting as a community leader to the youth while juggling being a label executive, social media influencer, social-activist, and an entrepreneur. While his plate seems to be full, Optimistic G continues to place heavy focus on refining his craft and giving the world quality music unheard of by any other artist.

He later released his most recent offering in the form of his latest project, “Life is Dead (Side A)” while prepping more music for it’s sequel with the follow up, “Life is Dead (Side B).” The project promises to raise the bar even higher than its predecessor and give the world the experience of a lifetime through his Toxi-flow and hypnotic vibe. Follow the Houston bred artist to find out more and check out his music.

“Life is Dead (Side A)”: https://open.spotify.com/album/4NCeiu8ZPpC2qhPq21x131

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