Playboi Carti fans are complaining after the rapper teased a new song/album coming out today, but hasn’t dropped it yet.

For the last few weeks, rapper Playboi Carti has been teasing his upcoming new music release, which was seemingly set for today. With this morning marking his twenty-fifth birthday, fans were convinced that his new album, teased with the title Narcissist, would be arriving today. There have been rumors that his hints have actually been for an upcoming clothing line, but fans still got their hopes up and, once again, ended up being disappointed by the vampiric artist.

Late last night, Playboi Carti continued to tease a September 13th release date for Narcissist, but when the clock struck midnight, nothing could be found on any of the streaming services. Now, fans are annoyed, once again complaining after seemingly being duped by Carti’s pump-fakes, and reminiscing on how they were done dirty so many times ahead of the eventual Whole Lotta Red release.

As fans wish the Atlanta native a happy birthday on social media, the rest of the crowd is getting at Carti for failing to release his new album. “No birthday gift for you,” joked one fan, fed up with being misled by false release dates. “idk if i can sleep tonight,” added another.

Some people are also suggesting that after appearing on Kanye West’s new album DONDA, which had multiple pump-faked release dates before dropping unannounced, Carti may be influenced by his recent collaborator’s move.

Do you think we can expect some new music from Playboi Carti today? Regardless, check out how people are celebrating his twenty-fifth below. Happy birthday, Carti!