From Connecticut, to the Pacific Northwest, now genre-bending artist Jango plots domination outside his region with upcoming project Espresso and Shine.

Any that have even heard a verse from Jango, is aware of his level of lyricism and melodic versatility. His 2017 project “Alone by Choice” shattered expectations and he promises that “Espresso and Shine” is at an even higher standard than his previous body of work. Espresso and Shine spans across three tracks that wrap Jango’s message in a neat rollout than packs a punch. The first track, “Espresso,” begins with a psychedelic beat that matches Jango’s out of this world flow as he reminds fans why he is who he is and why they came to listen to this project. Within its flows and complexly layered bars are messages weaved into his impressive delivery. Next in line, is the track “Anyways,” which will be debuted with a music video upon release of the project. As expected Jango does the unexpected, making the track obey his every command. His lyrical capabilities seem to break their limits with every new release offered, and Anyways is no different. The music video matches the tempo and vibe of the track, jumping between scenes with images that would stimulate the mind. At the end of the project, “Moonshine” brings the curtains down, but not without first putting forth the performance of a lifetime. Jango, as if not already proving his flexibility all over the previous two tracks, went on to showcase an even more melodically charged ballad of creativity with droned out deep toned harmonies. It’s an orgasmic experience to the ear, lingering in the mind even when it comes to an end.

Espresso and Shine was made possible by Executive Producer Benn Suede, a Billboard Top 10 charting producer/artist as well as a creative director. The duo was a perfect match for Jango’s multi-genre versatility as Benn’s rock/metal background allowed Jango to push the boundaries of his style even further. This became the foundation upon which such a well-crafted projected was laid.

While 2020 has been an adjustment for Jango, mainly due to Covid which left him with emotions and feelings never before experienced, it was the inspiration for Espresso and Shine. It brought an entirely new source from which Jango could pull from to express in his music. The world experienced a myriad of events, one of which was police brutality and the injustice faced by the community of color. This hit home with Jango and became one of the catalysts for the project’s inception. Within the songs are the emotions of Jango being poured out, while trying to cope with his alcoholism to remedy his demons. The relationship between Jango and Benn is a recipe for success. Often times they are compared to the mega-duo Drake and 40. This is no small comparison, but it acts as a sign of what’s to come in the career of Jango and further solidify Benn’s producer status. The best music comes from those in sync, and both Jango and Benn are creatives that aim to experiment with different genres. They don’t follow trends; they create their own lane. Although Jango and Benn are at the forefront of Espresso and Shine, it was brought to completion by engineer Nick Morzov, who’s worked with artists such as Set it Off, John Feldman of 5 Seconds of Summer, Animals As Leaders, Dan & Shay, and Chon.

Jango’s resume has added a rare accolade to his career, for few have the opportunity to work with such an innovative and creative Executive Producer like Benn Suede. It opened the door to a new spectrum of sounds for Espresso and Shine that will find longevity within his fans lives. Jango is surpassing heights never known possible for artists in his region. The spotlight is on Spokane’s creative landscape due to Jango’s rise to fame. What is to come will grant him and his city even greater recognition. Espresso and Shine is just a teaser of future projects in the woodworks. Until they arrive, Espresso and Shine is sure to hold fans over. Pre-save to be the first to cop on October 30th 2020 when it makes its debut to the world.

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