Already earning the title of Queen of the 209, De Ozene is the top female contender next for the throne.

Rap Goddess, De Ozene Is on Pace To Be the New Queen of Hip-hop

Oakland, Ca native De Ozene came up in Stockton, Ca among a musical household that influenced her own career in the industry. Her father was an Emcee of hip-hop’s golden era in the 90s with plaques to his name solidifying his platinum status in the game. De Ozene was a little girl admiring the artform her dad was versed in, and it was as if destiny itself was speaking to her. Seeing the way his delivery combined words and syllables to create tracks that could move an audience inspired her at the young age of 5 to begin learning the craft.

Those late-night studio sessions with her dad reflected in her later career, making a name for herself as The Queen of The Valley. De Ozene was a lyrical beast with command over words. She could hop on a beat of any genre and the end result would be something fresh, trendy, and breathtaking. Fans have been calling her the next female artist to sit among the greats who paved the way. 2 albums and 10 singles later, that prediction is shaping up to be correct.

De Ozene stands among herself, unmatched by any other in the city. With the addition of Vice President of home label, Dstone Records Inc added to her titles, she is becoming more and more of a threat to rappers not respectful of the artform. Lately, her singles, “Sizzurp” and “Put You On” featuring Lovegang Jay have been heating up Stockton and the Northside of Cali. With a team that gets her vision and producers like Tokin Beats, Keylow G, Unseen Asslyum, and Digi Wan among others, De Ozene, The Rap Goddess simply cannot be stopped.

Check out her catalog of work and be ready for her new project coming this fall.

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