Young artist with an old soul, Prominence continues to create music that will transcend lifetimes to come.

Lawrenceville, GA native Ryan Stephens came up in a musical household where he was introduced to iconic artists through his dad. As he immersed himself in songs from Biggie, Tupac, Charlie Wilson, and Bee Gees, among others, his passion for the artform inspired his own path into the industry. Under the alias, Prominence, a telling name of his cadence and attitude, his talent as a creative, songwriter, and artist caught the attention of audiences.

He has since continued to earn even greater praise for recent singles like “Worth It” and “Street Sermon” that placed his storytelling and lyricism at expert heights. Prominence’s style is a blend of emotion and originality that takes form across multiple genres, which gives him the ability to create music with any vibe for various climates.

As his name spreads globally, Prominence has embarked on pushing his life and career forward. Between being a college athlete at Wofford College studying Creative Writing and penning his first book, he is also recording tracks for several EP’s. This grind has been an advocate in his corner, opening the way for opportunities in the movie industry where his single, “Sin” was featured on the soundtrack for the film, “Dying to Learn” which calls for an end to school shootings.

Prominence is a voice for his generation and is passionate about using his craft to express himself while creating quality timeless music. On August 19th fans can welcome two new singles, “Motto” and “Quality Control” that’s perfect for their summer playlist. Tap into his catalog and get ready for all his new music planned for release.



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