Music is no longer restricted to regions or standing on the corner selling CD’s. The internet is the new plug, and Shellydecibels is blowing up through its airwaves.

Born and raised in the country of Ireland, Jack, now known as rapper, Shellydecibels has been extending his fanbase into the international market. Growing up, he was drawn to artists like Juice Wrld, The Kid Laroi and Machine Gun Kelly who inspired his passion for music. At first his rap act was only intended as a parody among friends, but as time went on, Shellydecibels realized that he had a knack for lyricism and melodies. The thought of taking it seriously began sinking deeper in his mind and his life would soon change forever.

About a year ago, Shellydecibels stepped into the industry with a hunger for the top and a style that captivates fans with chill deep composition and versatility that switches between melodies and flows. At 19 years of age, Shellydecibels has gained the respect of listeners with music that resonates and relates to different aspects in their lives. He’s an artist that writes life down in poetry and performs it with passion. He creates his music from the walls of his home via mic and audacity before getting it mixed and mastered by external producers. His process is fluent from hearing the beat to the finished product, able to complete a song within only 20 minutes.

Shellydecibels has been putting the work in and it’s clear on his latest single “Impact.” The track is reminiscent of sad undertones that reflect through moments experienced in life. Its true meaning comes alive when listening to it in entirety. Shellydecibels has captured the hearts of fans and aims to make it in the industry to provide for his family and soak up the euphoria of performing in front of sold out shows. Shellydecibels, like his name, has a loud presence and is only getting louder.