Using his career and music to unite his city, Var Brown drops off a new single “Ladders/Say My Name” featuring fellow Lefrak City rappers, Siah and King Born.

New York Queens native, LaVar Brown grew up in Lefrak City where he reps 57ave on Judahville. His block was named after OG, leader and revolutionary, Thun, and just like him, Var Brown is carrying his city into mainstream fame with his music. Influenced by the reality of life and death, Var Brown refined his craft to embody intricate lyricism at the highest level and remains consistent with quality music that echoes topics of revolution, love, and life over any genre that inspires his creativity.

Var Brown’s humble approach to his career, keeps his desires clear of becoming lost in the fame. Seeing the contrast in his hometown with the disparity between artists in Lefrak City after the passing of his friend, Judah, Var Brown made it his goal to revert the chaos and lack of camaraderie to a city of unity and brotherhood in the hip hop scene. This gave birth to his double album “VAR FROM JUDAHVILLE (LIFE/DEATH)” which features talented artists from his neighborhood to shine light on the potential that breathes and lives in his hometown. His most recent single off the project, “Ladders/Say My Name” was given a visual treatment that showcases Var Brown beside fellow artists Siah and King Born juggling lyrical rhyme schemes and flows over the soulful beat with the hook complimenting the cadence of the song. An inspirational cut for the hustlers and dreamers that transitions into the smooth track for the ladies. The video, directed by Var Brown and Raj, is crisp, clean, and has the perfect artistic touch. Var Brown’s genius shines through the song and the visuals. Holding no limits to his creativity, the trio flew out to the sunny island of Dominican Republic that saw the music video really come alive, with lyrics reflecting on the rise from nothing, to traveling to the tropics living the life of bosses.

Var Brown has become an outstanding writer, director, and producer. Be sure to check out his new single “Ladders/Say My Name” off his double album “VAR FROM JUDAHVILLE (LIFE/DEATH).”