Young Guru issues a response to those blowing up his phone over Hov’s Verzuz comments.

The Internet is still in a frenzy following Jay-Z’s appearance on Alicia Keys‘ Spaces. The rapper dropped a few gems during the rare cameo, including a response Michael Jackson/Beyoncé comparisons. However, it was his comments on entering the Verzuz arena that has the people talking. In short, Jay-Z doesn’t feel like there’s another rapper who can go hit-for-hit with him or even bar-for-bar. Though no one in rap has directly responded to Jay-Z, many have chimed in on the matter.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Young Guru, unfortunately, found himself receiving plenty of messages and calls from people offering him their take on Jay’s comments. As you could probably imagine, it would get kind of annoying, so Guru issued a message on Twitter to everyone reaching out to him. 

“Please stop calling my phone to give me your take. He said what he said!!” Guru tweeted.

Jay’s name has popped up time and time again when it comes to Verzuz. While names like Nas have been thrown around in the past, the Queensbridge rapper has previously explained that he’s more of a fan of the platform than anything else. However, in the wake of Jay’s comments, fans began bringing up a few names that might be able to take on Jay such as Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and even Drake. Somehow, Youngboy’s name got brought up but we’ll leave that up to Akademiks’ comment section to dispute.