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Cognac Classic and Daws Lotto make up the Hip-Hop group known as Chise Up. The Southside Chicago duo has been making music professionally as a team since 2012 and has yet to show any signs of fatigue. When asked about their creative style, they describe it as poignant, laid back, and lyrical.

Cognac Classic and Daws Lotto

Their latest release (Heavy Drugs 3)is now available on all music streaming platforms. The project has a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of a time when individuality was prominent. The Faith Evans sample on Soon is appropriately titled and an instant classic. The added drums over the smooth beat give it a more modern sound, allowing the two emcees to finesse their styles from start to finish.

If you need another fix, check out You Remind Me, laced over a crazy Mary J. Blige sample that knocks heavy. Both emcees display a high caliber of skill, showing their audience exactly what they have to offer. Overall the project has crazy replay value and something for everyone to enjoy.

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