Jeezy joins Nas and Miss Info on “The Bridge: 50 Years of Hip-Hop” podcast to detail his journey from street legend to rap icon.

On the latest “The Bridge: 50 Years of Hip-Hop” podcast, Grammy-award-winning artist, Nas, and radio personality, Miss Info, sat down the Snowman, Jeezy for a very candid conversation. During the 40-minute episode, Jeezy talks about his time meeting East coast legend, Nas and how their relationship would come to be. 

Getting a nod from Nas should be on every rapper’s bucket list, but for Jeezy, a nod was just the beginning. Applauded for both his grind and talent, the rap veteran could see Jeezy’s true potential. Reflecting back on their first link-up, Jeezy talks about his time in New York at Club 112 where he would have an unorthodox introduction to Nas. “I remember it like it was yesterday. I think it was like ’02 or ’03 and I got on about 20 diamond chains, a big Rolex watch, a Lexus GS 400 outside, and I’m in there poppin’ bottles. I go to the bathroom and the guy next to me in the stall is Nasty Nas. I’m like “Yo! I’ma be big!” Jeezy said. Boasting his plan to be another huge artist, he received a confirming nod from the man himself. 

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Flash forward to the 2008 Presidential Election, Jeezy and Nas would drop the unforgettable anthem, “My President.” The fourth single from his third studio album, Recession, the Tha Bizness produced track was recorded on the day Obama secured his Democratic nomination. “You sent me this legendary verse back. It was so legendary, my man Jay-Z hit me about a remix,” Jeezy laughed. Why not have two legends on one track? Jay-Z would hop on the remix and the rest is history. Though Jeezy and Nas created an iconic single that would garner worldwide attention and show off their dynamic compatibility, he admits that their relationship didn’t come easy. “I don’t think people realize how powerful words are and when you did Hip-Hop Is Dead, I thought you were talking about me,” Jeezy told the NY native. A reference to the 2006 album, the burgeoning artist felt some misdirected heat from the rap vet. 

The Spotify Original podcast further hones in on Jeezy’s transition from street legend to rap icon. Listen here.