It takes a different level of viral to make fans buy out a product, but that’s exactly what happened with Nandis Wrld’s new single and “Sriracha” challenge.

Fernando Daniel Colon is the Pennsylvania artist globally known as Nandis Wrld. That recognition came on the coattails of his talent on the mic. Able to articulate sentences that connect to form jaw dropping rhyme schemes together with ear gripping flows and melodies, he has taken his craft from a passion to a career. Recently, his catalog of quality renditions saw the inclusion of his @_savagedanny produced single “Never Gotta Worry,” but Nandis Wrld wasn’t satisfied with slowing down while enjoying the success of the single and visuals. Instead, he got back in the booth to up his game with the June 3rd release of his latest single, “Sriracha.”

The track is spicy in every sense of the word. Fire fast interlocking flows with melodic cadences that make listeners rewind the track to make sure their ears aren’t deceiving them. Nandis Wrld turned up the heat and it has had an international impact on the world in more ways than one. With his accompanying “Sriracha” challenge for the single, fans have been dancing with Sriracha bottles in hand. The problem comes in when the song and challenge has become so viral that fans are buying the bottles off the shelf, leaving a shortage that has regular Sriracha users and food franchises pressed. This level of impact got even more unbelievable, when the Sriracha company declared a Sriracha shortage due to the weather affecting the quality of the peppers. Nandis Wrld is responsible for cleaning off their stock with his viral song and challenge that won’t be replenished until summer’s end.

Nandis Wrld is a different breed of artist, one who literally has the world in the palm of his hands. Check out the new single “Sriracha” and join the viral sensation.